Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review: Starbucks, 3 Two Square

Sourced from Faithless

Between Starbucks and Coffee Bean, which do you prefer? I still like Starbucks. Not really into Coffee Bean. Purely for the reason that Starbucks is cooler . I must be every marketing guy's dream come true because I'm so nubile and stupid to fall for stupid marketing gimmicks.

Green tea frappucino. Raspberry ice.

I've always ordered the raspberry when my tummy feels rather full. Tried the green tea frappucino for the first time. Smooth and rich, can feel it expanding my waist line with every gulp or so. It wasn't too sweet and did taste of green tea.

Blueberry cheese cake. It didn't have that dense but soft texture . Not as cheesy as I expected . Little blueberries in the middle break the monotony of the cheese.

Here's a good news to all you, Starbuck aficionados. Or to all you el-cheapos.

50% off their frappucino range weekdays between 5 and 7pm. Go grab one now.


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