Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 Two Square. =)

I cant recall the last time I blogged about my office; recently I took some pictures at the boulevard and shops area, thought I might as well share these pictures and make this a quick post. =)

Remember - this is an AUTOPAY CAR PARK. LOL =P

Pappa Rich.

Old Town White Coffee.

...next to it ---> Starbucks!!!

the concept restaurant... BOSTON.

Some really good and spicy tom yam here - Bangkok House.

It used to be called Cable Car back in Jaya - now on ground, so its called Tram Car Cafe.

Restoran Nasi Kandar Mohd Zulkifli.

Double Delights - also another coffee shop.

The famous JM Bariani House.

A new pastry and bread joint - Sinfully Chocolate & Co.

..and then there's also CJ's Bistro as well as Ravi's - and not forgetting the food court too. =)

After a heavy meal, can always pop by for some Muay Thai!

Ohhh wait... I forgot one other restaurant....

One that I will write a review very soon on their awesome har cheong bai kuat!!!

Restoran Happiness Seafood!!!


Wendy said...

Hi there,

Am wondering if you have a contact number for Restoran Happiness Seafood as I want to make some dinner reservations / enquiries. Can't seem to find it on Google. Thank you very much :)


bwmmsia said...

Hey, I thought this restaurant has changed their name to Chinese name "Tiande restaurant"
Please check and reert.

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