Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bangkok House, 3 Two Square.

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A very long overdue post on a nice delicious restaurant in 3 Two Square - Bangkok House.

Due to the extremely panas weather recently , i can only eat in restaurants or in office. UV Perfect can protect my face lah, but the panas-ness is making eating a chore, when it should not be. On one of such lunch, me, Ah Lian, PMT and Aby decided to check out 3 Two Square in PJ . Our initial plan was to eat at Papa Rich but as we were coming in we saw a nice quaint new restaurant which looks promising.

As the name implies, this restaurant serves Thai food, and i must say that this is one of the best Thai restaurant that i have been to! - Fresh ingredients, good use of spices and liberal use of coconut milk makes this place simply heavenly.

On with the drool worthy food!

Kangkung Belacan - Definitely good - flavourful and yummy , my only complaint is that there is not enough kangkung given, especially with the price they charge. I wish it was a bigger portion though.
Tom Yum Chicken - Mildly spicy Tom Yum - this is the red version with coconut milk in it. I wish it was spicier, but it is a MUST HAVE!

Green Curry Chicken - This has got to be one of the top Green Curry i have ever tasted. The spices were just marvelous and the gravy thick and full of coconut milk goodness, and the taste and smell of basil permeating in every sip - heaven! It was so good that i was sipping the gravy like soup. I miss this already...
Chicken Laab - Me and Ah Lian agreed that this is a very very good version of Laab - the last time we had this was on the floating market in Bangkok, and that was panty wetting! This version is amazing as well, and i will definitely eat this again...and again...and again...LOL!

The only downside of this place is the dessert is really disappointing , they look amazing but the taste is either so-so or not delicious at all. Another gripe is that the food is rather expensive. But that is off-set with the deliciousness of the food - be ready to pay for the heavenly taste!

Overall, the food here reminds me of the food that you can find on the streets of Bangkok - delicious, flavorful and definitely memorable- i would recommend Bangkok House to everyone!

Bangkok House
3 Two Square , Petaling Jaya
(It is on the same row as Starbucks as you enter the square - can't miss it!)

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